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This corporate structure represents yet another financing alternative for asset acquisition. For those groups which may not require the immediate use of such assets, forming a syndicate can offer more attractive interest rates and lower contract completion fees. Additionally, the syndicate sys tem in Brazil has undergone various regulatory modifications, now offering the parties greater freedom in stipulating their contractual terms of duration, thus allowing contracts to focus more properly on the subject of real estate assets. Through Peregrino Neto’s consulting work, we combine our clients’ needs with the advantages the syndicate system offers. We defend the interests of syndicate managers and their administration areas within the jurisdiction of the relevant governing body — Brazil’s Central Bank. We oversee our clients’ adherence to syndicate-related regulations, from the signing of contracts by their administrators to any eventual disputes arising therefrom.Peregrino Neto has a wide range of experience and expertise in structuring companies which suit the business objectives of their owners. As each business operation has its own distinct corporate form, each commercial partnership is also distinct from the other, specifically with respect to relationships among partners. One of our principal tasks iii this area is recommending a suitable corporate structure which delineates the legal relations among partners for each transaction, thus providing the fairest and most effective combination of the interests involved. 

The legal structure of the company and its amendments to meet the convenience of negotiating entrepreneurs have been the subject of constant action of the firm.
Undoubtedly, every business involves a proper and particular corporate form, and each corporation is distinct from another, as regards relations between businessmen members of these societies. Indicate the corporate form suitable for every business and delimit the legal relations between the partners, always seeking fair and effective composition of interests is one of the main tasks of the firm.Merger, Split, Restructuring
Partnerships, Syndicates
Legal Auditing
Questions relating to intellectual property have growing relevance in the modern economy, thanks to rapidly changing scientific and technological innovations. As a result, proprietary intellectual assets are continually acquiring greater importance in terms of their operating and equity value to companies. Accordingly, Peregrino Neto devotes special attention to this practice area, representing clients in both industrial property and copyright disputes.Industrial Property
Obtaining Registration and Protection of Trademarks and Patents
Software Copyrights
Litigation in the administrative and judicial, involving the preparation of defenses and administrative appeals and judicial proceedings relating to federal, state and local, as well as the professionals who work with agencies judges.Consulting in general, covering customer orientation in its operational routine, preparing opinions on specific subjects of interest, tracking business transactions and corporate operations, risk analysis and contingency, design and implementation of planning, prevention of fines and litigation.Monitoring and enforcement of due diligence in the tax area, as well as monitoring inspections.Presentation of courses and in-company training on tax issues of interest to the customer.
In the context of globalization, the financial and capital markets have become increasingly important to companies, whether by using a third party’s financial resources, or by applying their own. Without doubt, local and international financial and capital markets are fundamental to the growth and maintenance of corporate competitiveness.The coordination of the domestic financial system by Brazil’s Central Bank is done through various regulatory acts, promulgated by the National Monetary Council and by the Central Bank itself, and through Resolutions and Circulars. These form specific legislation applicable to financial institutions and related organizations such as securities dealers and investment firms. As Peregrino Neto was founded at the same time as the Central Bank, we possess considerable experience in advising financial institutions on the interpretation and application of these guidelines and regulations.With respect to the governing and regulatory enforcement role of the Central Bank, particularly through its Regional Office in Curitiba, Peregrino Neto maintains an active practice in the area of administrative disputes, preparing defenses, rebuttals, and appeals. This includes intervention and extra-judicial liquidation of financial institutions and syndicates, plus proceedings connected with white-collar crime.Economic and Financial Law
Regulating Market
Financial Institutions
Defender Administrative