Peregrino Neto’s office comprises a working area of 850m²

Estrutura Peregrino NetoPeregrino Neto’s office comprises a working area of 850m2, and is thoroughly adapted to the modern operations of a law firm. Our office features three meeting rooms, a library, computer network, plus offices for our group.


We have easy communication with multiple databases and courts of Paraná and the rest of Brazil

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Information Technology. Our office is totally networked, featuring not only e-mail and internet connections, but also intranet system that links all internal workstations. As well, we offer access to various data banks and court records in Curitiba and throughout Brazil. Besides of internet access, website ( and communication through of e-mail.

The firm’s office today proudly occupy the premises of one of Curitiba most historically important address – 722 Rua Alameda Carlos de Carvalho. Located at the corner of Rua Brigadeiro Franco, this Swiss chaletstyled house originally dates from 1947 and was previsouly the residence of former Paraná Governor Bento Munhoz da Rocha Netto, one of the state’s most influential politicians and intellectuals.

In the political arena, he was not only State Governor but also represented Paraná as a Federal Deputy over the course of four legislatures, and served as the federal Minister of Agriculture. In additions to his long career in public service, Bento Munhoz da Rocha Netto was also an engineer, writer, and university professor.

His intectual output is embodied in his books and more specifically in his many articles, essays and speeches. This displayed a humanistic pragmatism which, together with his collected works, presented and intellectual challenge that few other politicians could lay clain to.

His time is Governor coincided precisely with the greatest flowering of culture and economic expansion in Paraná´s history. His push to modernized placed an emphasis on improving the welle being of his people through advancements in education and culture. The Civic Center, the Public Library, the Gauaíra Theatre and Copel are just some of Governor Rocha´s many legacies are indelibly stamped on the Paraná of today. During the time he was Governor of Paraná, the civic center and Alvorado Palace which currently houses the State Government, were still under construction. His private residence at 722 Rua Alameda Carlos de Carvalho therefore, had to double as the Governor´s headquarters, It was from this house then, that Bento Munhoz da Rocha Netto governed the State of Paraná. Formed in the best humanistic tradition. Left as inheritance a great moral legacy: The of master of much generations.